TEN super reasons to travel with a Wild Card

Make memories, recharge and invest in our natural heritage. An All Parks Wild Card is your passport to the diverse national parks and reserves of SANParks, CapeNature, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Msinsi Resorts and Big Game Parks of Swaziland. What are the benefits of joining our programme?

#1: Enter 80+ parks and reserves for FREE

Take advantage of our natural bounty. Whether you want to explore rocky peaks and dramatic gorges or enjoy the tranquility of remote beaches and rolling grassland, there’s a Wild Card-protected piece of paradise that fits your trip, budget AND schedule.

For the adventurous…

Picture by Jacques

Picture by Jacques Marais

For Big Five enthusiasts…

SANParks Week-Kruger-min

Picture courtesy of SANParks

For the beach bum…

Boulders-Tate Drucker-penguin-2-min

Picture by Tate Drucker

#2: Be part of something bigger, something greener

Wild is South Africa’s biggest environmental and outdoor community with more than 187,918 members representing the most active visitors to our national parks and reserves. Did you know that yearly, Wild Card contributes more than R92 million spend to conservation?

Green Friday Wild Card-min

#3: Receive your Wild magazine every quarter

Wild is South Africa’s foremost conservation and wildlife magazine. We walk with rangers, sit down to talk with researchers, explore the dunes with the San, marvel with the locals at the Karoo’s ancient fossils, and listen to the wisdom of the indigenous people living in and near the parks. Here’s where the action is: hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, diving, fishing – Wild destinations offer a great variety of activities for the adventurous.

#4: Your inner adventurer is calling!

Have you ever considered mountain-biking through Big Five territory? Or paddling to a secluded forest cabin? There’s no shortage of thrilling activities in our wild places. Try abseiling, climbing, fishing, horse riding, kloofing, off-roading, sailing, trail running, and ziplining.

#5: Don’t think twice about popping in for a visit

You have unlimited access to more than 80 parks and reserves. Fancy a quick hike with a friend or some time at the bird hide? How about breaking a car journey with a picnic lunch? The Wild Card offers a year’s unlimited entry to our parks, so you don’t have to give entry fees a second thought.


#6: Join a community of Wild travellers

Become a wildlife pilgrim! Wild Card members are passionate about nature and they like nothing better than sharing that passion. Learn more about the natural world at our regular talks, ask and answer questions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and share your best sightings. Network and collaborate with us to make the most of your time in the wilderness.

#7: Explore off the beaten path

With a Wild Card, you have access to a variety of wilderness adventures. Game viewing in our flagship parks is always special, but there’s so much more to see and do. Go where only a 4×4 can take you, sleep in a treehouse, see rock art, trek with donkeys, camp wild along the coast, and take a trip back in time.

#8: Get your wild fix TWICE a month

You love to travel, so we make it easy – even when you’re not in the parks, we keep you up to date with the natural world. The bi-monthly Wild newsletter features photo sequences, trip reports, competitions and special offers – everything you need to be transported straight to the wilds.

Share your wildlife sightings with us and your pictures may be featured!

#9: Create unforgettable memories

Take your dream trip with family and friends. Is it the longed-for sighting that suddenly crosses your path? Or the way dawn breaks over the African bush? Or the time you as a clan spend together around the campfire? It doesn’t matter – memories are made like this.

#10: Tap into the healing power of nature

Away from the aggravating effects of city noise, traffic jams and deadlines, it’s so much easier to recharge your batteries. Regardless of your activity level, do your health a favour and take regular breaks to our wild places.



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