These photographs made us smile. We hope that they’ll also brighten your day.

Make way, I’m coming through

mileElephantCalf-Cesar Aristeiguieta-Aug2013

Picture by Cesar Aristeiguieta

Jive Time!

2 SmileLeopJiveTime-Mohammed-Alanser-Aug2013.jpg

Picture by Mohammed Alnaser

Mirror, Mirror…

SmileMirrorMirrorBird-Maurice Rolfe-Aug2013

Picture by Maurice Rolfe

The Beautiful game

SmileCheetahBeautifulGame-Amelia Vermaak-Aug2013

Picture by Amelia Vermaak

‘Hey mom, just five more minutes!

SmileLionCub5more minutes-Simone Swiel-Aug2013

Picture by Simone Swiel

‘Don’t mind me, I’m just hanging out’

6 SmileCheetahCubHanging-Mike Cary-Aug2013

Picture by Mike Cary

Going ape for aerobics

7 SmileApeAerobics-Alan Mclean-Aug2013

Picture by Alan McLean

‘One day I’m going to be just like you…’

SmileCheetahMomCub-Todd Gustafso-Aug2013

Picture by Todd Gustafson

Dance like nobody is watching!

mileBaboonDance-Nobby Clarke-Aug2013

Picture by Nobby Clarke

‘I wonder which way the wildebeest went?’

SmileLeopardWhichWay-Ken Saunders-Aug2013

Picture by Ken Saunders