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Magazine on sale at Spar and Exclusive Books
Wild magazine can be bought at selected Spar and Exclusive Books stores. As part of their annual more »

Waiting for your Wild Card?
Over the holidays many Wild Cards went unclaimed. If you haven’t received your Wild Card yet, more »

Explore Wilderness by canoe
Why venture out on foot when you can get a fresh perspective on Wilderness from canoe? Nature more »

New app tracks wildlife
The latest wildlife app uses crowd-sourcing to contribute to wildlife research. Tracking the Wild more »

Conservation photography: have you got what it takes?
Photography has an important role to play in protecting our wild places. But it isn’t as more »

Honey badgers put cheetahs in their place
The indomitable honey badger has a reputation for being fierce – something these two young more »

Road trip to Agulhas
The launch of new chalets at Agulhas National Park was the perfect excuse for a road trip and time more »

Kruger outlaws drones
Unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed in Kruger and other national parks. Visitors who operate more »

Cape foxes vs honey badger
The honey badger is renowned as one of the Bush's toughest characters. But then it met these two more »

A look back at martial eagle research
Wild Card programme manager Hein Grobler was involved in martial eagle research in the early 1990s. more »

New wine for conservation
The SANParks Honorary Rangers have launched a new range of wine to support rhino conservation more »

Book Review: Wild Life by Brad Wilson
  Brad Wilson succeeds in breathing new life into animal photography by inviting majestic more »

Msinsi - Albert Falls

A wonderful haven for the keen birder and the game viewing and water sports enthusiast. Here hundreds of visitors fish for bass, enjoy recreational motor-boating and take advantage of the tranquil thornveld that is bursting with wildlife.
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Movement to Take Down Thousands of Dams Goes Mainstream

Many dams in the United States have outlived their useful lives. A movement to remove them is gaining traction and growing in ambition....

How 40,000 Tons of Cosmic Dust Falling to Earth Affects You and Me

Our bodies are made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies, authors say....

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An elephant picnic in the Kruger

A baby ellie and its mother treated one Wild Card member to a breakfast sighting in the Kruger National Park. Colin Paige shares his tale and photos.