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Celebrate African Penguin Awareness Day at Boulders Beach
Do you love African penguins? See these endangered birds being released back into the wild in Simon& more »

CapeNature declares new Western Cape reserve
September was an exciting month for conservationists and botanists, with CapeNature's declaration more »

Help us count threatened Kruger carnivores and win
Take part in a photographic survey of Kruger's threatened cheetahs and African wild dogs and you more »

A leopard's lunch near Tshokwane, Kruger
Wild Card member Flippie van Emmenis had spent a busy morning game viewing with his family in the more »

Kruger crocodiles fight for lunch
Check out this dramatic photo sequence, which shows patience always pays off when it comes to more »

The nictitating membrane: how birds protect their eyes
In a bird’s world, sight is essential to its social and nutritional well-being. With more »

New! Geology guide to Tankwa
Visitors to Tankwa Karoo National Park can delve into the area’s geological history, thanks more »

Highlights of the Whale Trail: a hiker's perspective
Over four days on the Whale Trail, hikers discover the riches of De Hoop Nature Reserve. Which day more »

World Rhino Day 2014
Around the world 22 September is set aside to honour rhinos and highlight their plight. This Rhino more »

Photo blog: Conserving fynbos fish
Alien fish species were introduced into Cape rivers because indigenous fish were not 'sporty' more »

Fire warning for Kruger
Visitors to Kruger are cautioned not to start any fires, as hot weather conditions have led to four more »

Trip report: Afsaal, Karoo National Park
When next you plan to stop at Karoo National Park, make a reservation at Afsaal, a century-old more »

Msinsi - Albert Falls

A wonderful haven for the keen birder and the game viewing and water sports enthusiast. Here hundreds of visitors fish for bass, enjoy recreational motor-boating and take advantage of the tranquil thornveld that is bursting with wildlife.
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