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African fish eagle, Kruger National Park, Sunset Dam
Members’ pictures: Animal portraits
From a tiny mouse to a fierce predator, these wildlife pictures by Wild Card members celebrate the more »

Preserving the past in our parks
This Heritage Day, why not explore South Africa's rich traditions and history with a trip to the more »

Arbor Week 2015: A look at Champion Trees
In celebration of Arbor Week, from 1 to 7 September, we take a look at some of our country’s more »

Evelyn Joubert kept tabs on a pair of African paradise flycatchers in her garden to see how they build their nest, mate and raise three chicks. Images by Evelyn Joubert
Photo essay: Birth and life in an African paradise flycatcher family
The discovery of a nest in her garden was the starting point of a fascinating journey for Evelyn more »

Wild Shots Wildlife Photography Symposium 2015: One of Marcus Jooste’s astounding snail images titled The kiss. Images by Marcus Jooste
Wild Shots 2015: Macro photography with a snail called Vincent
When you think about world-class wildlife photography, images of a giant tusker, an epic cheetah more »

National Geographic recorded a bite force of 8 100 N in a female hippo, almost twice that of a lion (4 450 N). Image by Rudi van Aarde
What lies beneath
Known for being neurotic and unpredictable, hippo are also portrayed as jolly and frolicking. Can more »

The strangest hippo behaviour you ever saw
Ever heard of a hippo suntanning its tummy? Neither have more »

Gemsbok brawl in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Images by Romi Boom
Kgalagadi faces unique maintenance challenges
Do the roads in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park need more upkeep? Do the tourist facilities need more »

Kruger: Then and now
A regular Kruger visitor for almost 50 years, Lynne Kloot recalls her first visit and reflects on more »

Bright and beautiful, the exquisite tiger moth (Amphicallia bellatrix) fits many of our expectations around butterflies. Picture from Gardening for butterflies, courtesy of Struik Nature
Butterfly or moth?
Telling the difference between a butterfly and a moth is not as simple as you might think. Wild more »

This butterfly, the painted lady (Vanessa cardui), is one of the first butterflies seen in spring and is found in all biomes at all altitudes. Images from Gardening for butterflies, courtesy of Struik Nature
A home for butterflies and moths
Butterflies flitting between new blooms are synonymous with spring. You can create your very own more »

On the run: The tale of three cheetah brothers
When a cheeky cheetah escaped from a boma in the Darlington section of Addo Elephant National Park, more »

SANParks: Golden Gate Highlands National Park

SANParks: Golden Gate Highlands National Park
Named after its golden sandstone cliffs and the buttress that holds vigil over the park, Golden Gate is a hiker's and nature lover's paradise. Look out for the bald ibis breeding on the ledges of the cliffs.
Read more >
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"Extinct" Toad Rediscovered in Ecuador

To biologists’ delight, the Azuay stubfoot toad, believed to be extinct after its last sighting in 2002, has just leapt back to life....

Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated

Fish and other creatures in remote stretches of the Colorado River are contaminated with levels of mercury and selenium known to harm wildlife....

Editor's Pick
101 Kruger Tales, The hippo, the impala and the natural order of things by Sylvester Silvo Motaln
101 Kruger Tales: The hippo, the impala and the natural order of things

What happens when an impala gets stuck between a rock and hard place? Or rather, a hyena and a dam infested with hungry crocodiles? One would hope someone, or something, would come to its rescue… Sylvester ‘Silvo’ Motaln shares his extraordinary experience in the book 101 Kruger Tales.

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